Monthly Archives: December 2012

Radio Silence

There’s nothing more dull about folks blogging about why they haven’t blogged, but in this case, I feel it important to share. While I’ve had a hundred things to trumpet of late, I was also put on partial bed rest for the last several weeks of my pregnancy, which dramatically impacted both my personal and professional life. But, I’m here to share, that this blog is going to continue in my absence, through the many voices of the Cultural Council staff. As I’ve written, I work with some of the smartest, best, brightest, and most entertaining folks I know. They have agreed to take turns guest-blogging about our work ahead, which will include our move and complete re-branding process (which is already proving to be very juicy!).

I look forward to re-entering the world in a few months, and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the stories from the Cultural Council field.

May your holidays be warm and bright!